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Mitski Puberty 2

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Experience the raw and introspective brilliance of Mitski with her critically acclaimed album, "Puberty 2." As the highly anticipated follow-up to her breakout record "Bury Me At Makeout Creek," Mitski continues to captivate listeners with her honest and evocative songwriting.

Pitchfork hailed "Bury Me At Makeout Creek" as a complex and articulate masterpiece, and "Puberty 2" picks up right where its predecessor left off. With subtle musical evolutions, the album combines electronic drum pads with fervent guitar lines, creating a rich and dynamic sonic landscape.

Mitski, a 25-year-old artist born in Japan, draws from a diverse range of influences, from her father's Smithsonian folk recordings to her mother's 1970s Japanese pop CDs. Growing up in various countries, Mitski's experiences shaped her unique perspective on life and music. Her songs reflect a defiant and feminist spirit that resonates deeply with her audience.

On "Puberty 2," Mitski confronts the complexities of human emotions. She explores the overwhelming weight of sadness and the exhaustion that comes with seeking happiness. However, the album itself is a transformative experience, invigorating and inspiring listeners with its raw beauty.

Collaborating with long-term accomplice Patrick Hyland, Mitski showcases her incredible versatility by playing every instrument on the album. This intimate and personal approach adds an extra layer of authenticity to the music.

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Track Listings
1 Happy
2 Dan the Dancer
3 Once More to See You
4 Fireworks
5 Your Best American Girl
6 I Bet On Losing Dogs
7 My Body's Made of Crushed Little Stars
8 Thursday Girl
9 A Loving Feeling
10 Crack Baby
11 A Burning Hell

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