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Neil Young Time Fades Away 50 (Limited Clear Vinyl)

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The 50th-anniversary edition of Neil Young's Time Fades Away is a commemorative vinyl release that celebrates the musician's pioneering spirit and the indelible mark he left on the music of the early '70s. Presented on limited clear vinyl, this release is not just a collector's item but a piece of music history, reflecting Young's willingness to take risks and the raw energy of live performance.


Key Features:

  • Historical Significance: Capturing an adventurous period in Young’s career, this album is a time capsule of his raw live performances.

  • Legendary Collaborations: Featuring the Stray Gators and iconic contributions from David Crosby and Graham Nash, enhancing the album’s musical tapestry.

  • Sound and Presentation: This clear vinyl edition offers a unique aesthetic that collectors and fans will value, paired with a sound quality that honors the original recordings.

Package Details:

  • Clear Vinyl: The choice of clear vinyl adds a visual appeal that complements the album's historic value.

  • Anniversary Edition: Marking the 50th anniversary, this release serves as a celebration of Neil Young's enduring legacy.

  • Limited Edition: As a limited release, it ensures a degree of exclusivity, appealing to both hardcore fans and collectors.

Product Description:

Neil Young’s Time Fades Away is an album that captures the essence of musical innovation and the unpolished charm of live recording. This clear vinyl reissue, arriving 50 years after the original, is a tribute to Young’s audacious approach to music-making. With the Stray Gators’ authentic sound and the harmonious additions of Crosby and Nash, the album exemplifies a time in music when the raw, unfiltered experience was paramount. This limited-edition clear vinyl is a must-have for enthusiasts of Neil Young’s vast discography, symbolizing a moment in time when music was a thrilling experiment, not just a polished product. Each track stands as a testament to Young's fearless creativity and the unpredictable beauty of live music, making this anniversary release a significant piece of rock history for collectors and fans alike.

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