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OST Heat (Michael Mann)

OST Heat (Michael Mann)

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Released in 1995, the film Heat is accompanied by this artful soundtrack on Vinyl predominantly consisting of orchestrations from Elliot Goldenthal and also featuring artists such as Passengers (U2 and Brian Eno), Brian Eno and Moby amongst others. The soundtrack was recognised as being an 'artfully assempled montage of industrial rock, darkly romantic symphonics and moody jazz guitar, in the New York Times (1996) and as stated by Q, 'Michael Mann films are notable for their high-quality soundtracks. Heat is no exception'.

Disc 1

  1. Heat
  2. Always Forever Now
  3. Condensers
  4. Refinery Surveillance
  5. Last Nite
  6. Ultramarine
  7. Armenia
  8. Of Helplessness
  9. Steel Cello Lament
  10. Mystery Man

Disc 2

  1. New Dawn Fades
  2. Entrada & Shootout
  3. Force Marker
  4. Coffee Shop
  5. Fate Scrapes
  6. La Bas
  7. Gloradin
  8. Run Uphill
  9. Predator Diorama
  10. Of Separation
  11. God Moving over the Face of the Waters

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