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Prince Dirty Mind

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Immerse yourself in the bold and provocative sounds of Prince's iconic album "Dirty Mind." Released in 1980, this groundbreaking album pushed boundaries and challenged societal norms with its explicit lyrics and genre-defying fusion of funk, rock, and new wave.

Prince's fearless exploration of sexuality, desire, and personal freedom is on full display in "Dirty Mind." From the infectious grooves of "When You Were Mine" to the seductive title track, this album is a daring statement of artistic expression. It showcases Prince's exceptional songwriting, innovative production techniques, and electrifying guitar work that would become synonymous with his legendary career.

Now available on vinyl, "Dirty Mind" offers an immersive listening experience that captures the raw energy and boundary-pushing spirit of Prince's music. The vinyl format adds warmth and depth to the already dynamic sound, allowing you to fully appreciate the sonic nuances of each track.

At, we are pleased to offer "Dirty Mind" by Prince for shipping across Ireland. Whether you're a die-hard Prince fan or a lover of groundbreaking music, this album is an essential addition to your vinyl collection. Rediscover the brilliance of Prince's early work and witness the fearless artistry that established him as a true musical icon.

Order your copy of "Dirty Mind" today and embark on a sonic journey that transcends genres and defies conventions. Let Prince's boundary-pushing music ignite your senses and leave a lasting impact on your musical soul. Don't miss out on this iconic album - secure your vinyl copy now and experience the genius of Prince in all his glory.

Disc 1

  • 1Dirty Mind

  • 2When You Were Mine

  • 3Do It All Night

  • 4Gotta Broken Heart Again

  • 5Uptown

  • 6Head

  • 7Sister

  • 8Partyup

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